Instant Autographs From Celebrities

This post brought to you by Instant Autographs. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ok people, this is the best idea I've seen lately: how would you like to receive an instant autograph from your favorite celebrity without all the hassle of:

  • Hiring a private detective to find out where the celebrity will be having dinner;
  • Somehow take the waiter's place at the restaurant;
  • Serve the celebrity's meal as any professional waiter would (might require waiting lessons previous to the event);
  • At the end of the meal politely refuse the tip, and BEG for an autograph instead.

Ok, this is how autograph collectors have been doing it so far (more or less), but not anymore! This site allows you to get an autograph from your celebrity through them instantly and you can even choose the picture that comes with it!

Cool! So... What celebrities can I get an instant autograph from?

I'm glad you asked: Here are some celebs that have partnered with the instant autograph's people (you can get an updated list of names on the Cart page on the website), I've seen mostly famous people from sports (especially NFL) but there also celebs from movies and music too:

Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen (both from Minnesota Vikings), Aaron Rodgers, Brandon Jacobs, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers), Jay Cutter, Tim Lincecum, Fulvio Cecere, Peter Kelamis, Victoria Aitken ("Flirt in a Skirt"), ... There's even Santa Klaus in there (I don't know they got him to partner up but they did it so that must mean something!)

Actually I think there aren't that many celebrities doing this yet, let's hope they can get more of them on board, as I was kind of hoping to see Amanda Seyfried there and was kind of disappointed... Guess I'll have to go with the "hire a detective and bribe a waiter" secret technique again.

How to get instant autographs from celebrities

The website makes sound very easy: So basically you choose your celebrity, and Instant Autographs will get their autograph using electronic means (a Tablet?) which they call "advanced e-signature capture technology" (it actually sounds cool when you say it like that); and get this: they also get exclusive photos from the celebrity to go with the autograph (it gets better and better), so you can choose which photo you prefer.

Now they say that you can receive the photo instantly through a special download link and print at home yourself but I don't recommend you do this unless you have a really good photo printer at home or at the office which I think most people don't, or if you need to receive the autographed photo immediately.

So what I recommend is that you choose their delivery option, this way you're sure the photo will be printed with the high quality it deserves and they can also mount it for you if you want. The prices for the autographs start at $11.99 and up.

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