Cell Phone Fail Picture

Cell Phone funny fail picture.

Funny cell phone fail picture. I wonder if this guy has ever heard about Bluetooth. I don't think he has. But if you think about it, he is actually using a "wireless headset", lol! He probably doesn't know about Spectotrel and their special offers on phone services.

Spectrotel is a New Jersey based company providing long distance phone services, analog and digital phone lines, audio conferencing, business phone services, residential phone services and more.

And Spectotrel is now offering the line activation fee (worth $5) for users who sign up for their "Inside Wiring Maintenance Plan". Not only that but they are also offering better rates on the residential calling plans and audio conference at only 10.9 cents per minute.

By the way, Spectotrel also offers fast DSL Internet services, with speed up to 50 faster than the normal dial-up connection services. This super fast Internet service is available both for residential and business customers.

This Internet and phone services provider has also recently announced their expansion into Illinois, where they will continue to provide their services to small and medium size businesses and residential users.

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