Harry Potter Knocked Up Evan Almighty

Harry Potter knocked up Evan Almighty.

Man, I love movie lineup fails! Harry Potter knocked up Evan Almighty! I've posted this before but it's so funny that it deserves another post just for itself. It reminds of another movie lineup fail that said something like… "The Fantastic Four Knocked Up Nancy Drew" or something funny like that.

By the way did you saw Steve Carell in the "Get Smart" remake? He is great in that movie too. I was already a fan of the old TV series Get Smart starring Don Adams, and there was also that late 80's movie called "Get Smart, Again", which was also great and had that amazing scene where Maxwell Smart and his boss where having a secret conversation inside a room that converted their spoken words into written words that would leave their mouths and float around in the air. That has got to be one the best comedy scenes ever!

The Evan Almighty movie is good too, if you love movies with animals and if you like the way Steve Carell acts you'll love it. Me, I love Anne Hathaway ever since I saw her in "Ella Enchanted". In the "Get Smart" remake, she is agent 99. Back to the movie fails you can do combinations with their titles and come up with stuff like "Evan Almighty Knocked Up Ella Enchanted", "Harry Potter Knocked Up The Silver Surfer" and other crazy stuff like that.

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